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Placing Value On Teens 

  since 1993

      The name Non-Toxic was chosen because it truly epitomizes the atmosphere, activities, adventures and attractions offered through this teen center.   Non-Toxic  is a cutting edge club where young people aged 13-19 years of age can hang out in an atmosphere which is dynamic, supervised, exciting and safe!  Teens are valuable and the volunteer staff takes every opportunity to show young people that they are important.  The  Non-Toxic Teen Center is located in Edgerton, Wisconsin.  Parents are encouraged to stop in and see what this Teen Center is all about.  Want Help Creating A Teen Center In Your Community?

The Teen Club

     This game room is filled with four Valley pool tables, foosball,  a concert stage, air hockey, and many other games.  The Acoustic Cafe offers hot and cold beverages and many assorted snack items for teens simply wanting to sit and hang out either at the counter or on any of the comfortable padded chairs surrounding the fireplace.  The cafe has computers with internet access, reading material and state of the art race games.  Guitars, violins, brass and other instruments are framed as art ...thus, the name... the Acoustic Cafe.


     Positive Music plays in the background while foosballs are slammed, a long rail shot is being lined up on the 8-ball for the win and while teens are enjoying a hot or cold treat.  It doesn't get any better than this!   Background music is supplied via a computer and several thousand songs play throughout the evening.  From far above the crowd a DJ creates an exciting club atmosphere each Saturday while interacting with the crowd.  

     During the Open Mic hours teens perform with the raw power of live guitars, drums and singing.  Live entertainment provided by local bands create an exciting and energetic atmosphere for teens.  As well, a teen may choose to sit and sip soda while lounging in front of one of the three TV's as they run through video of the last retreat, tournament, extreme excursions, music videos or past  weekends of exciting Non-Toxic Club action.  Then, of course, is movie night where the DVD projector displays a fun movie for teens while they eat treats and drink refreshments...and don't forget the popcorn! 

     The concert stage provides a place for teens to perform for the crowd.  There's Open Mic every weekend which allows teens the opportunity to showcase their talents and each quarter a festival of music is the highlight event.


Music Festivals each quarter with all teen performers...


Thousands of square feet of  indoor excitement... Unlimited space for outdoor adventures!     

BearClaw Lodge

We create adventure...

     The Non-Toxic Teen Center has been creating a unique adventure camp in northern Wisconsin.  A faithful group of volunteers have created a 1,400 square feet lodge, a winding ATV trail system, a 150' zip Line and paintball field.  Several ATV's have been donated but most are projects and not running.  The teens take on these projects, and as a part of the ProTeen Program,  get them up and running.  Pro-Teen is a skills mentorship program where teens learn from adults how to restore, repair and refurbish engines, as well as learning about electrical, welding, carpentry and other trades.  


      BearClaw Lodge Dining outside this trip...

     The teens have been the work force behind the construction of BearClaw Lodge, the ATV and Hiking trail system and zip line tower.  Guided by experienced adults the young people have been a huge asset in creating the camp they will enjoy and help future generations of teens to enjoy.  



ATV's, riders and paintballers...


Teens learn valuable mechanic skills through the Pro-Teen program and while at the Camp they used those learned skills to repair one of the ATV's.

     Since 1993 Non-Toxic staff members have lead extreme outdoor adventure retreats.  Much of the outdoor adventures now take place through the newly constructed Non-Toxic Teen Camp- Bear Claw Lodge.  Still, a couple times a year the staff will host a Rock Climbing, Rappelling and Wild Caving.


Donor Support!

     Without the generous support of many  businesses, individuals, churches and foundations this exciting Center for teens would not be available to provide the positive opportunities that it does.  This non-profit youth organization is a necessary refuge for teens and our gratitude and thanks go out to the many who through selfless support continue to provide for our youth through Non-Toxic.  Thank you for your faithful and generous donations! 

All Donations are tax deductible according to applicable laws of the IRS.

Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives, Inc. is a 5013,  non-stock, not for profit organization.  Thank you all very much! 


     It is rare, perhaps unheard of, but at Non-Toxic, every person is a volunteer.  The founder and president as well board members and weekly servants do not receive financial compensation.  The success of this organization is not built upon a great fundraising team but on a team of servants who are energized with a passion to be available for young people who need adults to love them.  Being completely volunteer staffed, Non-Toxic depends on the individuals who give up their valuable time to serve others.   

     These generous individuals perform selfless duties by making themselves available for young people each and every week of the year.   The teen camp,  BearClaw Lodge - was built completely by volunteers and funded by generous donors.  Not a penny was borrowed to purchase the land, build the 1,400 square foot Lodge, create the 150' zip line and tower, purchase and maintain the small but growing fleet of ATV's or for the purchase of paintball gear and all the equipment to make this camp amazing.  Thank you to our faithful volunteers.

The world we live in is a rough place.  Why does the world seem so messed up?

     Life can really be tough at times and overwhelmingly cruel. We do not always know what to do or how we should feel. There is hope!   Adults care about the lives of teens but many do not know how to help.  At Non-Toxic a way is provided for adults to mentor teens and engage them in meaningful  relationships fostered at Non-Toxic.  Here,  mutual trust, respect and acceptance is experienced by both teen and adult.   For more information about Non-Toxic please check out our Mission Statement.  


Thank you for your generous support of this teen outreach.  Your gift is greatly appreciated and 100% of the gift amount goes directly to programs that place value on teens.



 Thank you for visiting this web site.  We sincerely hope you found it informative, clear and concise.

All of our young people are valuable.  It is our Mission to show them!

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